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We pride ourselves on the ability to fuel anything from a Jr. Dragster or snowmobile to a 3000 hp Pro Mod. This ability comes from a greater breadth of products than any other fuel system manufacturer in the industry. That is apparent when you search through our products looking for the right fuel pump. What isn’t always so apparent is that this ability also comes from a systems based approach to fuel delivery. Understanding that fueling you engine is much more than just a fuel pump. Its the right line sizes, proper filters for the fuel pump and ultimately choosing the right pump for your engine.

We’ve taken the most common applications on the road today and broke them down by engine type, horsepower levels, even fuel type and then perfectly matched Aeromotive components for these applications and put them in the diagrams below. If you have a carbureted engine, take a look at the Carbureted Power Planner. You’ll notice these systems are broken down by hp ratings. You’ll also notice that we match the proper filters and regulator to the pump in any given system. We even designate the appropriate line sizes, so you know exactly what you need for your system. Perfectly matched components, in a system perfect for your application, ensures the best possible fuel system for your engine and the longest life-span possible for that fuel system.

We encourage you to call our tech lines at (913) 647-7300 to find out more about complete fuel systems and ensuring you have the right components. For many of the systems you see here, Aeromotive offers complete fuel systems kits. 1 part number gets you everything you need for a complete Aeromotive Fuel System installation.



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