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New Stealth In-Tank Pre-Filter Assembly

March 8, 2016

Aeromotive is proud to release an exciting new addition to its outstanding line of high performance fuel filters: the new Stealth, In-Tank Pre-Filter, P/Ns 12612 and 12613. Protecting the heart of the fuel system means protecting the fuel pump. Running debris through a precision pumping mechanism is a frequent cause of pump failure. At best,…

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New Stealth 340 Pumps

January 4, 2016

Since the introduction of the original Aeromotive 340 Stealth Pump, demand for E-85 fuel compatibility has steadily increased due to its popular use as a cheap alternative to race fuel. Aeromotive is listening to the demand and is proud to announce the release of the New 340 Stealth Pumps featuring the addition of E-85 compatibility.…

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Spur Gear Pump

June 8, 2015

Aeromotive is thrilled to release the latest and largest gear pump in the Aeromotive family: The Spur Gear Pump. This pump features contoured, coated thrust plates, gear sets, and body to reduce cavitation and increase longevity. From John Hale’s Nostalgia Funny Car to countless Pro Mod cars, this new Spur Gear pump has undergone extreme testing.…

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