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Aeromotive, Inc. Introduces the New Carbureted Phantom Kit

November 16, 2016

Aeromotive’s all-new returnless Carbureted Phantom is a cost-effective way to install a fuel system for virtually any carbureted system and in virtually any fuel tank. For those customers who want the ease of a returnless carbureted system in their car and are tired of loud, noisy T-style pumps, Aeromotive’s new Carbureted Phantom is the way…

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New Products for 2016 – SEMA RELEASE

November 9, 2016
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Aeromotive Inc. Announces New EFI to Carb Regulator

October 25, 2016

Aeromotive’s New EFI to Carb Regulator (P/N 13220) allows any car or truck, originally equipped with a return-style EFI-powered engine, to affordably convert to a standard carburetor while retaining the full, stock EFI fuel system components. All with a single regulator. With the new EFI to Carb regulator, no changes to the original fuel system are…

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Aeromotive Inc. Announces 03-07 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel Lift Pump System

August 30, 2016

Last year when Aeromotive introduced their game-changing new diesel lift pump for the 01-10 Chevy Duramax and 09-10 Powerstroke, they were able to solve several key issues experienced by diesel owners. Now, with the addition of a diesel lift pump system for 03-07 6.0L Powerstrokes, these owners can also reap the benefits of the system,…

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