Lavon Miller of Firepunk Diesel Describes Aeromotive, Inc. Fuel Pump as Flawless

Lavon Miller, two-time Diesel Power Challenge Winner and points leader in the 2016 Pro Street Truck Outlaw Diesel Super Series, began his search to take it to the next level when preparing his truck, The Enforcer, for the 2016 Ultimate Callout Challenge. The fuel pump system he was using had become cumbersome, and he really wanted to go for simplicity and weight reduction for this set up. “One of my suppliers referred me to Aeromotive. I worked with Jared Cox, who understood exactly what I was looking for and set me up with a 360 gallon per hour Aeromotive Lift Pump”, stated Lavon. “Once installed, we set it up for a series of dyno runs with great results, including 2,000 HP on fuel, fuel pressure at 11.1 psi. It couldn’t get much better, and we knew with this system we could reach our goals. As the winner of the Ultimate Callout Challenge, I’d say mission accomplished! Today, with 60 passes out, the system has been flawless. A big thanks to Aeromotive for a great product.”

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