Employee Profile – Jared Cox

Like many young boys who become automotive enthusiasts, Jared acquired the passion for performance from his Dad, who got his own first new car, a 1969 Ford Cobra 428 CJ right after Viet Nam. From helping change oil and spark plugs, to enjoying the family go-cart, this was probably the start of his engineering ambition.  “Us kids would tear that go-cart apart, just to put it back together again”, said Jared.

After a few years, he and his siblings stepped up to 2-stroke four wheelers, and then in high school he was able to buy an ’87 Mustang 5.0 GT. “That car really launched me into becoming a performance enthusiast”, continued Jared. “From the cold air intake, to throttle bodies, headers, Flowmaster exhaust, and a super charger, I was running a 14.2 @ 91 mph. Back then, that was pretty quick! But after putting a 125 shot of nitrous on it, I ran 12.6 @ 105 mph, making me the fastest kid in high school!” When Jared bought the car it had 144,000 miles on it, and it got him through college, by which time he had named it “Cockroach”, since you couldn’t kill it. Once it gave up the ghost, it had 215,000 miles on it.

Jared worked part time during college for Aeromotive in assembly, and upon graduation with a degree in electrical and computer technology landed a job in the field, and pretty soon he found it just wasn’t the right fit. He moved to a position with Pro Charger, and learned a great deal during that experience working in technical service, doing numerous installations and events while growing in knowledge of the industry. Then one day, an employee of Aeromotive invited him to lunch, wondering if he had interest in coming back full time to work in sales. Jared didn’t think twice, took the job, asked to move into engineering, was given Solidworks software, trained under the head engineer, and the rest is history! He loves concentrating on innovative and groundbreaking work, listens attentively to both customer and employee ideas, rolls them around in his head, and begins designing.

He is especially passionate about heading up the company’s rapidly growing Diesel Division. Over the course of his more than decade with Aeromotive, the engineering team’s new products have won or runner-upped in SEMA’s new product awards year after year. He has been nominated for the top 35 under 35 SEMA Award, and was a top three finalist in SEMA’s Gen III Award. “The staff of Aeromotive each have their own special skill sets concluded Jared, all focused on passion for performance, and we have worked together as a team to help Aeromotive Inc. become such a well respected company within the industry. It’s great to be paid to do what you love doing every day.”

This self–taught, award winning engineer spends his free time enjoying his 1956 Chevy Belair, a ground up restoration project he has won awards with, as well as fixing and repairing Jet Ski’s.

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