Employee Profile – Jackson Lueg

Jackson Lueg is the creative genius behind Aeromotive’s marketing and graphic design. The progeny of a creative family, he is gifted with a sense of style that makes him innately talented and ideal for a career in marketing. His grandfather had a long and successful career as a film maker. In his immediate family his father worked as a graphic designer and his Mom, worked for Hallmark producing commercials that could tug at your emotions.

While coming of age in his middle school years, Jackson always had a fascination of building things.

He says, “I am a product of the Lego® generation. I was just drawn to creating things with my hands. Whether it was building a go-kart or drawing cartoons,” He added, “I spent my summers learning various trades and skills from my grandpa. In high school with some encouragement from a great shop teacher I realized I could pretty much build anything.”

In his early teens, Jackson’s curiosity matched with his mechanical aptitude prompted him to try his hand at lifting Jeeps®. Soon afterward graduating he became involved with modifying sports cars, more specifically Nissan’s® and Datsuns®. “I couldn’t imagine my passion for cars would ever be anything more than a hobby.”

They say that if you follow your passion then work will never feel like work. After Jackson spent a few years honing his design skills while continuing his passion with automotive modifications a career did began to emerge. It became obvious after four years of freelancing that he could make a career intersecting his innate talent with his passion for automotive.

Jackson said, “I’d been freelancing for a few years when my Mom invited me to a Halloween party where I met Jack Hylton, co-owner of Aeromotive. Jack apparently thought I was creative they needed and could tell that I hand a first-hand passion for automotive industry, so he took a chance on me and hired me to do a few projects.”

The rest is history. Jackson’s work out of the gate received an overwhelming positive response by everyone in the industry, through the distribution including customers. Before long, Jackson was at the helm directing the strategy, graphic design and branding for multiple markets.

Steve Matusek, Aeromotive President and Founder, added, “Jackson challenges himself to produce the highest quality work. Besides being great to work with, I am impressed with how his mind works. He is focused on keeping Aeromotive’s branding consistent with our message of performance and quality and it shows in his work.”