Employee Profile – Bub Miller

Bub Miller cannot remember ever not being excited about cars and trucks, and he thanks his Dad for that. As an automotive enthusiast himself, his Dad constantly took him to car shows, the drag strip, and the garage to help wrench on whatever project car he had going at the time. By the time he was a young teenager, Bub and his Dad began building his first race vehicle, a 1972 Chevy Pickup truck. His first run was at the Kansas City International Raceway during the Spring High School Drags in 1993, and it was on that day that he was infected with the disease – drag racing was totally in his blood. In fact, when he returned for the Fall High School Drags that year, he came away the winner!

“When it came to the parts needed to continue improving my performance, I had to work hard and save up enough money to buy them. But no matter what we tried, that Chevy truck didn’t have it. Dad & I found and bought a 1979 AMC Spirit for $700, and I had my first race car”, stated Bub. “We kept changing things up, and in 1999 I won my first national event at Heartland Park Topeka in the NHRA Stock Eliminator class. It’s funny”, he continued”, some families have a lake house and a boat to spend family time with…for mine, it was all of us towing a race car to as many tracks as we could work in.”

Since that time, Bub has won half a dozen track championships, multiple divisional championships and shootouts in Bracket Racing, Stock Eliminator, Super Stock, Comp Eliminator and Super Comp. It was in fact during those racing years that he met Aeromotive president Steve Matusek out at the track. “Aeromotive often sponsored a Stock and Super Stock race here in KS, and if I won, I would be invited to their facility to pick it up. I actually still have a photo of Steve and his partner Jack Hylton handing me my award in 2000.”

Bub %22Babyface%22 Miller

Then one day Bub bumped into Steve at an auto parts store, and Steve shared that it was time to do some track testing with his Cobra Jet, and because he had an injured leg, he asked Bub to test it for him. The answer was yes, and that was what began a close relationship that eventually led Bub to a full time position with the company in 2011. He’s done it all, from being the truck driver, to maintaining the race car’s clutch, to moving into the position of Director of Motorsports. In this position, Bub works with teams the company sponsors by helping them identify problems they are experiencing, and then working directly with Aeromotive engineers to create a solution. He attends events across the country, puts on technical seminars, and continues to create beneficial partnerships with some heavy hitters in the wide world of motorsports.

“I love the problem solving aspect of my job, and I love the people I work with. It’s amazing to me that every day I come to work doing what I love to do, working with so many other passionate automotive enthusiasts, and actually get paid to drive a race car. It just does not get any better than that.” concluded Bub.


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