Aeromotive Starts 2016 by Celebrating SEMA Award-Winners

SEMA 2015 brought us three more product awards to add to our trophy case: runner-up for Best New Engineered Product for our diesel lift pump, runner-up for Best New Street Rod/Custom Car Product for our ultra low pressure regulator, and runner-up for Best New Performance-Racing Product for our Terminator. We were greatly excited and proud, and that enthusiasm has carried us into the new year.


The Aeromotive diesel lift pump has the entire diesel market talking and it comes with the latest and greatest in fuel pump technology. Three years of research and development, tens of thousands of cycle tests, and hundreds of thousands of miles of real-world abuse lead us to a product that will revolutionize the diesel market. This award is a testament of the hard work and research the Aeromotive team put into the diesel line.

The diesel line has the flow to fuel the most aggressive street diesels. This is our first pump directly aimed at the diesel market, however we are no strangers to it. Performance diesel enthusiasts have been using Aeromotive’s inline and t-style pumps for decades. The diesel line was developed to solve some key issues in the diesel lift pump market, most notably the ¼ issue, the pressure control issue, and motor shaft seal failures. Aeromotive opted for a flow-thru design to solve the shaft seal failure, which means there is no shaft seal to fail or leak. Specific to the Duramax platform is a “fail safe” valve. In the event of failure or a no-run condition, the valve will open and allow fuel to bypass the pump. This allows the vehicle to continue to run and get you to your destination, eliminating tow bills. With a brushless motor design, Aeromotive has increased the performance and longevity you would expect from a diesel lift pump. A single filter model simplifies the design and reduces maintenance cost. Why do two filters when you can do air, water, and debris all with one filter? Our diesel pump includes the Caterpillar 1R-0750 2-micron filter to catch the smallest particulates. With a standard 1”-14 filter head thread, the end user can use their filter of choice.

The diesel lift pump is available as both a pump only situation, or in a vehicle-specific kit form. We started with a pump for the ever-popular 01-10 Duramax and an 08-10 Powerstroke, and added a kit for the 6.0 Powerstroke. Our diesel line also has an extreme version of our diesel lift pump. This pump is built on the success of the original 130gph diesel lift pump, and includes technology borrowed from our legendary Eliminator fuel pumps. The new pump boasts an impressive 230gph flow and is designed for those substantial fuel delivery demands.


Our 13222 Low Pressure Regulator is completely engineered from the bottom up to produce a stable 1.5-5 psi. This is an ideal regulator for small carburetors, such as Weber, Solex, or Mikuni. It has an ORB-6 inlet port and two (2) ORB-6 outlet ports, as well as a 1/8” NPT gauge port. The finish is a clear, anodized one for a subtle look. As with all Aeromotive regulators, the 13222 Low Pressure Regulator incorporates CNC-Machined 6061 T6 billet aluminum construction and a convoluted diaphragm utilizing proprietary elastomer materials for precision pressure control. In addition, this regulator features a shiny silver anodized cap and stainless steel mounting bracket.


The Terminator is the latest and largest gear pump in the Aeromotive family. This pump features a contoured and coated body, thrust plates, and gear sets to reduce cavitation and increase longevity. The Terminator Series also offers an assortment of inlet and outlet attachments, as well as three different sized distribution blocks to ensure proper plumbing and configuring. From Nostalgia Funny Car to countless Pro Mod cars, this new Terminator Pump has undergone extreme testing. These relationships, as well as serious research and development, ensure the upmost performance and reliability under the harshest environments. Built to the strictest of standards, these pumps are sure to live up to everything you expect from Aeromotive products. Available in a complete range flow ratings and NHRA Certifiable options.


For more information on these products, please contact us at 913-647-7300.