PROFILE: Matt Field

Aeromotive is thrilled to be working with Matt Field. In fact, we feel fortunate that we’ve been able to support him from the beginning. Matt has a serious combination he is prepping for the 2014 season and hope to make a serious run at it. Look for more from us on Matt and the team…

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340 Stealth Fuel Pump – It's here!

Aeromotive is proud to introduce the newest fuel pump in the Aeromotive High Performance line. The Aeromotive 340 Stealth is a high-output, in-tank, electric fuel pump that fits most popular EFI applications. The Aeromotive 340 is a compact, lightweight pump that bolts into most existing hanger assemblies. What sets the 340 Stealth Pump apart is…

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Aeromotive's Newest EFI Regulator

The P/N 13129 EFI Bypass Regulator encompasses features and benefits only found on Aeromotive regulators in a new smaller and lighter package. Capable of supporting applications up to 1000 HP, the 13129 EFI Bypass Regulator can handle the most aggressive street machines but is docile enough for your daily driver; especially those looking for a cleaner, lighter solution where performance is critical or where space is a premium.

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Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Cells

15 and 20 gallon aluminum fuel cells that feature your choice of an A1000 or an Eliminator Fuel Pump built right into the cell. Finally, an in-tank solution for serious horsepower. It’s no secret that a fuel pump is happiest when it is submerged in the fuel tank. There a reason the OE’s have been…

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