Casey Currie Talks Dual Phantom

Casey Currie sits down to talk about the benefits and features of Aeromotive’s all new Dual Phantom Fuel System. Today’s aftermarket world makes it easy to pick up the phone and order 1000 HP for your street car. This has created several challenges for fuel delivery, ranging from hot fuel handling to pump noise. Aeromotive…

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SEMA 2014 – Flex Phantom

More racers are taking advantage of the octane benefits and inexpensive cost of E85 (85% ethanol, 15% gasoline) pump gas. But running E85 requires a fuel pump capable of delivering 30% more volume than straight gasoline, and the pump components have to be able to resist the corrosive effects of ethanol. Aeromotive’s new Flex Phantom…

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SEMA 2014 – Dual Phantom

Today’s monster engines need equally brutal fuel pumps to keep the fires lit. The new Dual Phantom in-tank pump system from Aeromotive is designed for both carbureted and EFI applications, and will flow sufficient fuel for four-digit horsepower. It fits in factory fuel tanks from 6-11 inches tall, and can work with tanks as deep…

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Casey Currie talks Fuel Systems

We talk to Casey Currie about his 2013 season review and what’s to come for the 2014 upcoming season and why he uses Aeromotive for his fuel system of choice.

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SEMA 2013 – New Diesel Pump

Aeromotive is entering the diesel performance market with their new diesel lift fuel pump. It’s a simple one filter design that filters fuel and contaminants down to three micron, a fail safe bypass valve, true diaphragm style regulator, as well as a pressure gauge

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Installing Aeromotive's Phantom Fuel System

The guys over at Street Legal Tv installing an in-tank fuel pump in a classic muscle car with Aeromotive’s Phantom fuel pump. They show you how to install the pump, and explain the features and benefits of an in-tank system versus an external pump.

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