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Aeromotive, Inc. Completely Solves Top Fuel Champion Paul Romine’s Recurring Fuel Pump Problems

Paul Romine is no stranger the drag racing industry. His illustrious career includes world championships, as well as experience in multiple high-speed classes. Romine definitely knows a thing or two about cars. Throughout the years, Aeromotive’s President and CEO, Steve Matusek, encountered Romine at the track numerous times and a relationship formed. When Romine restored…

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What You Need To Know About Our Digital Programmable FMU

With our Digital Programmable FMU, you can add fuel flow and pressure control to any returnless fuel system while maintaining the proper air/fuel ratio under WOT operating conditions. This is a fully adjustable, scalable, electronic fuel pump controller that provides new fueling solutions for cars with returnless fuel systems. Our Digital Programmable FMU controls the…

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Aeromotive Adds Classic Mopar Applications to Growing Stealth Fuel Tank Line

Aeromotive’s new classic Mopar Stealth tanks bring the fuel system technology you find in today’s cars to your classic Mopar muscle car. By placing the fuel pump inside the tank, hot fuel handling issues, such as vapor-lock and cavitation, are eliminated. With the Stealth fuel tanks from Aeromotive, you now have an in-tank fuel pump that is properly vented…

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When people think of fuel systems, the last thing they tend to think about are the fittings, which can be one of the most important tools in the system. Aeromotive has a line of fittings that smashes any barriers previously set by other companies’ fittings. The exacting standards, tolerances, and engineering that go into our…

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New Stealth In-Tank Pre-Filter Assembly

Aeromotive is proud to release an exciting new addition to its outstanding line of high performance fuel filters: the new Stealth, In-Tank Pre-Filter, P/Ns 12612 and 12613. Protecting the heart of the fuel system means protecting the fuel pump. Running debris through a precision pumping mechanism is a frequent cause of pump failure. At best,…

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